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Here at Partridge & Peony we specialise in wild, classic and different floristry. 

P&P was first born in November 2019 and started as a pop-up shop in a little village in north Norfolk, since then, we've gone shut up shop and gone online only and are looking to expand our stockists on the Norfolk/Suffolk border. 

I’ve always said, there are flowers for every occasion….

Birthdays, Anniversaries, ‘Sorry’s, ‘Well Done's’, ‘Good Lucks’, 'Congratulations'...The list goes on and on. As well as Wedding flowers, both large and small. And of course, Sympathy tributes that hit the right note. 

"I discovered my passion for floristry almost accidently, and haven't looked back since!"

Event work, such as home styling, photoshoots and product advertisement is also something I offer. To enquire about any of these, email me at 

Thank you so much to all my fabulous customers, old and new. 

Love, Bronwen 

Owner & Creator 












Very happy with the service! Excellent product knowledge and will definitely go back.

Lewis Stewart

Stunning fresh flowers for a birthday- beautifully arranged and great value. Thanks for your wonderful service Bronwen!

Julia King 

P&P Eco Promise

Why we don't use cellophane and other single use plastics

I have always loved the rustic, wholesome look of brown paper and string, long before I was a florist. Now I've been packaging my own bunches and bouquets for 3 years I love brown paper and string for different reasons, I like that they can be re-used and recycled in ways cellophane and poly ribbon can't! I've never packaged my flowers in acres of plastic wrap or tied with miles of plastic ribbon, I've avoided adding water 'bubbles' to my designs as in my eyes they encourage people to leave their flowers in there too long, creating a bacteria haven and essentially stunting the life of their blooms! I also believe that less packaging equals more flowers for your money and at the end of the day that's what people want, right? So, if you order a P&P bouquet please expect minimal plastic (we are finding new alternatives all the time) with the same wholesome, green feel of brown paper and string. 

How to recycle P&P paper- Chuck it on the compost, use it to light fires, use it as a greener alternative to bubble wrap, write on it... the list goes on! 


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